We have seen this tool in 2015 as the beta version, and in year 2017, TCM TURBO SRL became a user of the interface produced by the FR-Team company from Luxembourg. Since then, we have also become partners in the distribution of this product on East European market, both in the master and slave version (among our local collaborators in Romania we manage to convince most of them to make the step towards this excellent interface).
The biggest advantage of this product is that once purchased, no annual subscription has to be paid. Updates are free. It is an interface that looks to the future. At the moment there are just few cars (ECUs) older than year 2006 to be supported by the tool, but it is one of the tools that exclusively brought certain new protocols for reading/writing with very new ECUs, so having this interface in your workshop you can read/write including many passenger cars produced after year 2020. You can find the list of compatible ECUs HERE

The interfaces are delivered from stock, and our prices are the same as on the manufacturer's website

For offers and details, please contact us only by email at info {at} tcmturbo {dot} ro. We can ensure the purchase, including the installation service, AT account activation and even a training course of use of this tool at our headquarters in Romania

Get your Autotuner tool now. Master or slave and tons of accessories for tuning most cars and ECUs.