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You want to get started as a chiptuner and need to learn the basics. This program is designed to introduce you to the world of ECU remapping.

8 hours - 990 € (VAT exc.)
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Introduction to module 2


Price on demand only for customers that passed training MODULE 1 explained above or take the next step after a few months of working in the field to purchase WinOLS5 editor from us and then attend EVC Training Level 1 (Intensive demonstration & introduction of the software WinOLS) 

You have now bought your equipment and want to dive into a more technical aspect of the job by covering MODULE 1 already. Now you want to get more knowledge and gain extra experience

Module 2 attended in our office should be tailored based on each individual customer and should cover extra training for future activity as a professional chiptuner.

Keep in mind that for the chiptuners that wants to begin editing their own files (not use a fileservice anymore) we can provide editors such as ECM Titanium from Alientech or WinOLS from EVC

For both these editors our engineers can train you from basic with no experience at all (understanding and proper usage of the program) to an advanced level of editing Diesel or Petrol vehicles.

We are not saying it maliciously, but the editing part of the software is not for everyone. Choosing a skilled engineer who provides the right optimized software is perhaps the least expensive and least risky choice for the vast majority of new chiptuners starting out in this field.

On the European chip tuning market there are more and more chiptuners or people who pose as having such profession.

But what do they really do?  The majority of them do not do any software optimization themselves, but instead read out the ECU data , send them to a programmer and write the changed data back into the control unit (ECU,TCU,DCU).  You can often find such providers on the Internet with promising offers that offer more and more services for very little money.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but some of these companies lack technical understanding and specialist know-how, both in programming and in vehicle-specific details. Especially when there are problems, some people don't know what to do next. Among other things, lure offers are created that do not even come close to delivering the promised performance.

Unfortunately, all too often people compare down to the last cent to see which fileservice tuning provider offers even more horsepower for even less money. However, the technical risk to the vehicle in terms of durability, service life and excessive wear is often underestimated, and the individual characteristics of the respective vehicle are not sufficiently taken into account.

So our advice to you as a reader of this page regarding training, start with open mind, invest in your knowledge to optimally upgrade your self to a better chiptuner and try to learn your basics from the chiptuner that has proven to you that you like the result of his know-how.
You (and us) must have the  goal to achieve a software optimization that will create an easy-to-drive, harmonious and durable performance upgrade that the driver can enjoy for a long time. Always take the individual vehicle characteristics into account (e.g. vehicle age, technical condition, mileage, what kind of driver is using it etc.) in order to achieve optimal coordination of the final product.

And remember: in this field of work you will never stop learning because automotive industry and electronics are always evolving!

START your career as a professional chiptuner with us.

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