ECU tuning files for professionals

TCMTURBO offers high quality custom remapped tuning files for both petrol and diesel vehicles. Discover our innovative fileservice including automatic file detection, statistics, data logs and dyno-sheet viewer along with most advanced interface for chiptuners help.

Chiptuning file service

For almost two decades, we have developed our own engine optimization software in our end-user tuning company. 

With our client's trust, more than a thousands tuning files are being sent from our side every year. 

We are able to offer you great chiptuning files for every modern car on the market.

TCM TUNING SRL is still serving end customers on the local Romanian market being also base development location for us. You are here on this website because you are a professional chiptuner and you need a strong partner that can serve you with a very good software product for your end-customers.


We are an official WinOLS authorized reseller and distributor. Order your WinOls software and/or connect our database.

TCM TURBO is also a Certified WinOLS Training center. Choose your path using our services for growing your company.
Schedule your intensive demonstration in WinOLS or a training for introduction of the software WinOLS + Map editing DIESEL

Connect to our WinOLS database

After access requested you can edit your profile at so you can buy credits or you can contact us for special quotation for your first promo package.

After access granted you can select Reseller TCM TURBO from WinOLS and you can see all our listed projects as pictured below.

We add every month in our EVC database ~400 new projects, meaning that we expect to ofer you over 4000 brand new calibration on EVC database every year.

Pricing and chiptuning credits

Buy credits and use them as you need

Buy several credits in perfect way for a cheaper price per task. We work with Stripe and Paypal, the world leaders in online payment security. You can therefore make the payment with your PayPal account or with your credit card.

Upon validation of the payment, credits will automatically be added to your account and ready to be used for your requested jobs. 

A complete list of costs in credits value you will be visible in your account after login.


 Who are we ?

Operating within one of the most modern tuning centers in Europe - Romania, TCM TURBO is the reseller company of TCM TUNING which is formed by a team of highly trained and qualified engineers with more than 20 years of experience.

One 4x4 dynoroom with state-of-the-art equipment provide data that enables our engineers to create nothing but the best tuning files!

Keep in mind that TCMTURBO is not a tuning company, we solely provide modified files for other chiptuners.

CARTEC LPS2510 - 4x4 dyno chassis